First Visit

Things you should know when you come for your appointment:


This may vary from problem to problem. Usually you will need 30-40 minutes for your initial visit. Subsequent visits can range from 15-30 minutes.

Please arrive before your appointment time. If you are running late or can’t make your appointment please call and let us know. There is a fee for non attendance or last minute cancellation.


Veteran’s Affairs, Workcover, third party accident insurance and your private health insurance will all pay some or all of your physiotherapy fee.

We require payment on the day of treatment. If you are privately insured, please bring your health insurance card as we can use HICAPS to bill the insured direct so that you don’t have to send any claim forms.

PLEASE NOTE: there will usually be a gap as health insurance will not generally cover you for the full fee. The size of the gap will depend on your level of cover and the generosity of your health fund.

Workcover and third party accident insurance

Workcover and third party accident insurance. If you have not received approval from your insurer to have physiotherapy, we require that your account is settled at the time of each treatment as it can take a long time for your insurer to process and approve your claim.

Veteran’s Affairs (DVA)

If you are seeing us through Veteran’s Affairs, you will need a referral from your medical doctor prior to treatment.


Medicare does not cover you for private physiotherapy, unless your GP has done a care plan for a chronic problem. In these circumstances you can get up to 5 visits per year under the Medicare EPC progam. You will need a signed EPC form from your GP and the account will need to be paid at each visit which you can claim back direct from Medicare, or you can claim by swiping your Medicare card and paying a small gap.

What to bring to your first visit

Please bring any X-Rays, reports, doctors letters, a list of medications you are on, a list of any current medical conditions you may have.

What to wear

Please wear loose fitting clothing or clothing that can easily be remove if required. Gym clothes or bathing suits should be brought if applicable.

Filling out forms

There may be a number of forms to fill out prior to your first visit so please come early to your appointment.


Your privacy will be respected at all times.


There may be a discount available for pensioners, self supporting students and health care card holders at the discretion of the administration staff and therapists.